Hospital Care

Is your loved one hospitalized and you've been kept in the dark? We are glad to review your loved one case and provide you with detailed information and daily update and recommendations regarding his treatment plan till he/she returns home safe and well. 
We will be your advocate, your eyes and ears while your loved one is in the hospital. 
Currently we cover Aventura hospital, Jackson Memorial hospital , North Shores hospital, Florida Medical Center, Kindred hospital, Select hospital. 
One time payment will cover initial detailed evaluation with a comperhensive report , followed by daily evaluation and report. 
We will call you and discuss the condition of your loved one and will be available to you in case you have any question. 
You will have direct access to the doctor cell phone


House Visit

If you or your loved one cannot come to us, we will come to you. 
Book a day in advance and we will call you to arrange the house visit. 
In case of emergency, call 911


* All Elite Plans are prepaid nonrefundable plans (Not billed to your insurance)


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