Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal


Botox Injections

$9.50 per unit up to 44 units - additional units at $10.50


(Regular price $12/unit)

* New patients only

Laser Hair Removal

Starting at $50 per session

* New patients only

Dermal Fillers


Receive 20% discount on any fillers when doing Botox injections + fillers on the same day!

RF Microneedling  

50% off on Radio Frequency Microneedling - full face - more than 2 treatments is needed

* New patients only

Face and Neck


See all the treatments we offer for skin tightening, fine lines and wrinkles, saggy skin, puffy eyes, eyes dark circles, dark spots: TemSure Envi Radio Frequency, RF Microneedle, Instalift Threads and

Chemical Peel

Body Contouring

Meet TEMPSURE FIRM and FLEXSURE  treatments for skin laxity, fat accumulation, saggy folds, stretch marks, Radio Frequency (RF) for abdomen, love handles, thighs and arms.

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Laser Hair Removal
Meet VECTUS. A laser that does one thing.
Fast, Safe, All skin types, All areas.
Minimum discomfort. 
Botox and Fillers
We use only use Brand Names BOTOX and JUVÉDERM for best result
We don't compromise quality 
ACNE Treatment
We provide fast, safe and stunning result in treating Acne. Using multi-facet approach.
Break the cycle of Acne once and for all. 
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Meet VITALIA, a Radio Frequency (RF) device that was invented for restoring the health and youth of the vaginal area.

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